Create a new economic development space international cooperation capacity

Release time:11/15/2021 5:38:35 AM

5 June solstice 6, in central Chinas international cooperation capacity BBS and enterprise joint symposium held in wuhan, hubei. From 73 countries and regions, nearly 2100 representatives and 450 companies attending, more than 400 foreign representatives attending the meeting. The butt joint symposium, the Chinese and foreign companies signed a cooperation capacity only 28 major projects, involving the total amount is $7.9 billion.
Experts said that the current domestic and international economic situation is very complicated, especially need to hand in hand, strong response. With the steady growth, discard protectionism thinking, advocates of free trade, is treats the symptoms; Long-term motivation, strengthening the cooperation of the industry investment, encourage technology and business innovation, is fundamental. The international cooperation capacity, it is an effective way to treat both, timely.
Construct platform for pragmatic cooperation
It seems to xu shaoshi, director of the national development and reform commission, the international cooperation capacity the significance of at least three aspects. China, he said, advocating international cooperation capacity, advocated that the Chinese high quality production and the advantages of equipment, the key technology and advanced equipment with developed countries, with the vast number of urbanization, industrialization of emerging economies and developing countries demand docking, either for the global economy continues to recover and healthy growth of energy, and open up new space, can seek improvement in stability for Chinas economy can also create new opportunities for foreign enterprises win-win cooperation.
This view, also received a lot of foreign guests. Belaruss economy minister season, said the current, the response to the global economic slowdown and a decline in investment enthusiasm, capital outflows worldwide problem, urgent need to mobilize all the resources and strength, in the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, the government guidance, enterprise main body, on the basis of active international capacity and industrial cooperation and achieved the integration of the global market, the allocation of resources integration, economic integration.
"Ghana has become a beneficiary of Chinas science and technology, many Chinese companies in water conservancy, actively participate in the housing and coast protection, new technology has been applied in various fields in Ghana." Water conservancy project and housing minister praised Ghana ajie, Ed mensa, library, said Africa welcome new technology, countries have a large amount of programs and projects to finance.
Road and bridge in Bangladesh, vice minister of candy, deco anwar, islamic, said that from the china-pakistan economic corridor, meng sino-indian economic corridor, the china-russia economic corridor, one Chinese companies were active in regional cooperation in the new initiative. He invites Chinese companies in electric power, railway, traffic, infrastructure, IT to Bangladesh investment, agriculture, etc.
Again walk in the forefront of international cooperation capacity of hubei province, hubei provincial party committee secretary of hong zhong said that the international cooperation capacity is a common opportunity, the six provinces in central hubei province will be, together with brother provinces in central thorough docking "area" construction, more focus on key industries and construct platform for pragmatic cooperation, build new advantages of open economy development.
Mutual understanding to expand cooperation
For two years, from the establishment of the silk road fund to set up the investment Banks, from "area" all the way to build vision and action files released, a batch of connectivity to the steady progress was made in infrastructure projects, international cooperation capacity across the long march. High-speed rail, Bridges, water conservancy engineering, biological medicine... "Made in China" and "central", "hubei", is beefing up on the world stage.
Zhan, deputy director of the national development and reform commission (NDRC) Wu Gongliang said in an interview with the economic journal reporter, this BBS "area along the international cooperation capacity" as the main line, accurate docking international capacity demand, focus on infrastructure, energy, mineral, mechanical equipment, network information, agriculture and agricultural products processing and so on five big plate.
According to introducing, the international cooperation capacity "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning is drafting, expected this year. "This is a national plan, it will go out, to carry out the service for the enterprise to provide guidelines and guidance, and governments at all levels to go global enterprises to provide the important basis of service".
Chinese vice foreign minister wang chao also said that to develop the real economy, abandon the thought of protectionism, industrial cooperation is the inevitable choice. At the same time, it can also help promote the revolution of science and technology, also can let the living water of capital flow to where it is needed.
In addition to the government push, companies are also keen smell the huge potential of international cooperation capacity. At the scene of the capacity assembly enterprise market activities, the reporter noticed that 159 Chinese companies continue to show the enterprise image, looking for a partner. Bilateral friendship and exchange association President Mohammed ali on the enterprise market with a number of Chinese companies, head of the communication, he says, Morocco is eager to strengthen economic and trade exchanges with China, especially in such aspects as equipment manufacturing, agricultural products, the tourism industry to carry out the depth cooperation. "Today I to the enterprise market is to promote Morocco, looking forward to more and more Chinese go to Morocco investment, tourism, industrial".
Central international congress has made significant achievements both capacity. One is to improve the consensus. The delegates agreed that in developing countries to speed up the new industrialization under the background, to strengthen international cooperation in capacity and industry is the development of the real economy, speed up structural reforms, an important approach to optimize the global industrial chain. Second, expanding the cooperation. Through holding the BBS, promote enterprise and industry cooperation "please come in" and "going out" the bidirectional interaction, promote pragmatic cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win progress in central China and the countries concerned.
Advanced capacity of "going out"
Reporter discovery, in 28 major projects have been signed, high-tech and green environmental protection industry by the parties.
"Central African and African information highway project" strategic cooperation memorandum was signed during the production meeting. The strategic cooperation memorandum by communication, China communications services, jointly signed the three of the china-africa development fund. The central Africa and African information highway project total investment is expected to exceed $billions, business model for the backbone network operations, additional satellite, access business such as man, and wisdom, information industrial park and other business city, plans to stage investment construction operation, plan ahead pilot in East Africa in 2017, at the same time considering other important countries started, is expected to be completed in 2020 cut construction and entire network operation.
Optical valley beidou sign construction with Thai partner "China - asean beidou technology city" project, total investment of nearly $2 billion, the contract amount is $300 million. Optical valley beidou Yang Jun discuss company chairman said the company will be on the basis of Thailand, the beidou technology popularization gradually to southeast Asian countries, the national economic construction service.
Environmental protection industry is a sign "darling" of the project. Such as wuhan century tianrun holding company of enterprises of building energy conservation and new energy projects in Malaysia, provincial investment group, yichang power company to the planning and construction in kazakhstan energy industry area, etc. "Relief signed four projects, solar energy will be one of the key areas of this investment." Hubei province council for the promotion of international cooperation and exchange, vice President of the new silk road Lv Hanzhou is introduced, in addition to the project itself is green environmental protection industry, project construction process will also strive to low carbon, no pollution. For example, in Bulgaria and Congo (gold) projects of airport, comprehensive hospitals, roads, water and electricity engineering projects, such as dust and noise, environmental protection materials used throughout the whole process of construction.
According to introduction, the signing of a part of the project also filled the gap project be born the industry. Such as China rings signed a contract with a company in Bangladesh PVC construction project cooperation, will change the history of the countrys long-term dependence on imported materials involved.