Its new source company released five national standard editor

Release time:11/15/2021 5:40:28 AM

Recently, the editor by its new source company "guidelines for the pumped storage power plant maintenance and so on five national standards, issued by the national standardization committee has officially will come into effect on November 1, 2016.
These five national standards are the guidelines for the pumped storage power station overhaul (GB/T32574-2016) "pumped storage generator excitation system operation maintenance procedures" (GB/T32506-2016) of the pumped storage power plant identification system (KKS) coding guidelines "(GB/T32510-2016)" the pumped storage power plant auxiliary power relay protection setting calculation guideline "(GB/T32576-2016) and the pumped storage power station accident security guidelines for the power supply technology (GB/T325947-2016).
Five criteria to its new source company development needs, is the companys technical innovation and the powerful combination of standard collaborative construction, their release of pumped storage power station planning and design, construction, operation and maintenance provide standard support, further enhance the companys leading force in the field of pumped storage.
During the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", quickening construction of pumped storage industry scale, but released at the national level of number of technical standards of pumped storage areas, especially the lack of national standard and industry standard number, the rapid development of the future pumped storage business needs more technical standards support.
Against the status quo, its new source over the years always adhere to the company constantly improve the innovation system of technical standards, in batches, in a planned way pumped storage technology standards work, prepare a batch of pumped storage pump turbine, power generation motor, speed control system, the excitation system, the SFC main professional technical standards such as planning. Be undertaken so far, the company has 15 national standards, 28 power industry standards and 27 state grid enterprise target establishment task. As standard gradually released, will effectively promote the company in the industry of pumped storage power and soft power.