The realization of the global emissions reduction targets will depend on the will

Release time:11/15/2021 5:27:09 AM

In addition, 14 dec According to foreign media reports, more than 190 countries signed a landmark agreement in Paris, by introducing a new kind of method of international cooperation to curb climate change trend. Signing this time, all countries ─ ─ rather than just the developed industrial countries ─ ─ are promising to cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

Reports, however, whether the agreement can achieve basic elimination of fossil fuel and carbon emissions in the latter part of this century the goal of economic activity, on the whole, still depends on each country to reform its energy production and consumption patterns and economic operation mode.

This is because the core of the agreement is dependent on every country in the domestic political and economic environment independent plan to respond to climate change. But these plans, there is no legal effect ─ ─ this is also in some countries, including the United States has long advocated a condition. However, the agreement from the legal level really forced countries to develop a uniform reporting standards and audit process, thus more efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Targets for developed countries, the successful implementation agreement not only need to start as soon as possible to reduce emissions, work still needs to poor developing countries invested more than $100 billion a year, for the latters reduction projects. Poor countries to do the corresponding work is, in the development of economy and help hundreds of millions of people into the middle class, at the same time limit and ultimately slash carbon emissions associated with fossil fuels. Over the past 100 years, fossil fuels has promoted the growth of other countries.

In order to play a role, the agreement must also be released from hands of private investors, enterprises and international lending organizations trillions of dollars in investment. These investments will be used for solar energy, wind energy and nuclear energy does not produce carbon emissions, such as better electric car batteries and other new technology, carbon capture and storage, the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings, and expand the trees of the absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the area of the vegetation.