The 11th China international nuclear power industry exhibition

Release time:11/15/2021 5:09:21 AM

On April 22 2015, three days of the 11th China international nuclear power industry exhibition opens in Beijing China international exhibition center. Qingdao Pacific Ocean engineering co., LTD. team communicates with domestic and foreign experts’ nuclear diving technology.

Through this exhibition communicate with nuclear experts at home and abroad under the condition of the nuclear radiation, how safe and effective for underwater construction, maintenance and other matters.

Companies in underwater nuclear work mainly includes: the spent fuel pool transmission system: the fuel plant, containment building Loaded with fuel tank The main supplementary water tank, fuel loading water storage pit, etc

Within the nuclear island diving project mainly includes: underwater inspection, underwater welding cutting, underwater cleaning coating, Diver delivered solution in lieu of remote tooling, underwater vacuuming and cleaning, etc

The exhibition sponsored by the association of Chinas nuclear power industry, from China, the United States, France and other 10 countries nearly 200 nuclear power industry enterprises and research institutes.

QPOC Deputy general manager Chen Yang with foreign exhibitors at the exhibition was diving nuclear technology to communicate

Technical seminar

CAP1400 nuclear reactor model